Leather Care

Leather as a material needs to be looked after on a regular basis, in order for it to look at its best. To ensure the leather products will last for years to come we advise you to follow a few simple basic steps:

From time to time, the bag can get dirty, so when cleaning the leather, use a clean and slightly moist cloth after which you can treat the leather with moisturising and protective leather care product that are best applicable to the type of leather used.

Nubuck leather should be cleaned periodically, or whenever you spot dust building up. Use a soft, clean cloth or special nubuck sponge and stroke gently to pick up any contaminants. Use leather cleaner product designed particularly for nubuck!
We recomment to wear your nubuck bag with dry weather.

If the leather bag needs to dry, dry the product slowly and naturally in airy conditions. Please refrain from drying the leather with excessive heat, near a radiator for example, as this might permanently damage and disfigure the product.

We recommend that you pack your bag considering the shape and size of the bag. Always leave some extra space between the things in your bag and the zipper. If bag is stuffed full, then during the time zipper can loose it's strength and broke.

In case you are not planning to use the bag for a prolonged period of time, store it properly to protect the leather as well as the form of the bag. We advise to stuff the bag so it would not lose it shape but please be aware of not overstuffing as this might disfigure the bag.

Since leather is a natural material it is bound to have a few scars from its past life. As we carefully go over each and every product before delivery, the few scars and bumps and bruises that can be seen are a sign of natural wear for the leather and are intended to be there.

However in case you discover a defect or a flaw which is not there because of natural wear of the material, please turn to the retailer where the product was bought or to us at Stuudio Nahk (www.stuudionahk.com) so we would be able to determine the cause and further advise.

Sincerely yours,

Stuudio Nahk